CIPS L4M5-Commercial Negotiation

Module purpose On completion of this module learners will be able to identify approaches to successfully achieving negotiated commercial agreements with external organisations.

Module aim(s) The creation of formalised agreements is a critical part of the success of any organisation. Those involved in procurement and supply activity will therefore be able to effectively negotiate with stakeholders and/or suppliers and to understand the methods associated with preparing for and carrying out commercial negotiations. This module is designed for those who are faced with negotiations. It enables the learner to analyse approaches to the negotiation of agreements made with external parties, how to prepare for them and what techniques are available to ensure successful outcomes.

L4M5-Week 1 Course Works

L4M5-Module Objectives
L4M5-Lesson 1
L4M5-Assignment 1

L4M5-Week 2 Course Works

L4M5-Lesson 2
L4M5-Assignment 2
L4M5-Module Feedback Survey
10 minutes

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