CIPS L4M4-Ethical & Responsible Sourcing

Module purpose
On completion of this module, learners will be able to explain the options and associated processes available for sourcing with external suppliers. They will also examine the legal and ethical impact and the implications of corporate social responsibility, on the final sourcing decision.

Module aim(s)
In any organisation, a significant element of procurement and supply activity is based around decisions to internally conduct activity or to source from an external supplier. Hence, the selection of the correct external suppliers is a vital contributor to overall organisational success. This module enables personnel with roles in procurement and supply to formulate selection criteria and sourcing strategies to ensure that the organisation will make the correct choice of external suppliers. It explains options for sourcing, and examines the key processes that can be applied to the analysis of potential external suppliers and to ensure the development of ethically and socially responsible sourcing agreements.

L4M4: Week 1 Course Works

Course Objectives
.5 hour
L4M4: Lesson 1
5 hours
L4M4-OR Assignment 1
25 questions
L4M4-OR Assignment 1 (Submission)

L4M4: Week 2 Course Works

L4M4: Mock Test
L4M4: Course Evaluation Survey
5 minutes

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