CIPS L4M2: Defining Business Needs


Module purpose
On completion of this module, learners will be able to devise a business case for requirements to be externally sourced and will understand the role of market management and competitive forces as they specify goods and services in procurement and supply.

Module aim(s)
The development of a business case and the ability to analyze markets are key if an organization is to successfully source activity from external suppliers. Similarly, the clear definition of specifications for through life contracts is crucial to overall business achievement. This module is designed for those who are expected to analyze, interpret and evaluate information on the different types of markets utilized

by procurement and supply. It explores a variety of elements that underpin the development of business cases and specifications and considers the options that should be explored when procurement and supply personnel are involved in defining requirements.

L4M2-Defining Business Needs-Week1

Module Objectives
5 hours
Lesson 1: L4M2: Week 1
5 hours
Protected: Assignment 1: L4M2
Protected: L4M2-Lesson 1-Zoom Recording
5 hours

L4M2-Defining Business Needs-Week2

Lesson 2: L4M2-Week 2
5 hours
Assignment 2: L4M2
Protected: L4M2-Lecture Slides

L4M2-Defining Business Needs-Week3

Lesson 3-L4M2: Week 3
2.5 hours
Assignment 3: L4M2

L4M2-Defining Business Needs-Week4

Lesson 4: L4M2-Week 4
2.5 hours
Assignment 4: L4M2

Mock Test & Feedback Survey-L4M2

Protected: L4M2: Mock Test
11 questions
Protected: Module Feedback Survey: L4M2
10 minutes

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